Who Is A VIRTUOUS Woman?

Happy Women’s History Month to every woman reading this. Don’t forget to celebrate yourself and other women. Today I will be sharing SOME of the characteristics of a virtuous Woman.

How do one become a woman of virtue?

Who is a VIRTUOUS Woman?

Proverbs 31 list at least eight characteristics of a virtuous Woman. But, I decided to write on the four main attributes that I believe every woman should have;

1) A woman who knows her WORTH – she’s too RARE, to compare herself to anyone. She doesn’t compete because she knows that God completes her. A virtuous Woman collaborates with other women to IMPACT , EMPOWER and INSPIRE.

2) She’s Positioned – a virtuous Woman knows that she must be in alignment with what God has called her to do. A woman positioned in purpose and is in submission to God’s plan for her life.

3) She’s Neighbourly- A heart that is pure as gold. She gives without expecting anything in return for giving is in her nature. She is passionate about helping others.

4) She is practical – a go getter , she see’s what she wants and goes after it. She plans and execute. No procrastination!

Every WOMAN is CALLED to be a virtuous Woman. But, are you willing to do what is necessary to become a woman of honor? Your on fleek makeup is irrelevant, if what you possessed inside does not match up with who YOU portrayed to be. Your substance is what makes you a virtuous Woman. What lives within. Who are you behind closed doors? When lights , camera and action are turned off, do you remain the same person or do you become someone else?

Prayer: Lord, I thank you for these powerful women . You’ve called us to be virtuous and valuable Women. Help us to recognize that we carriers of greatness on this earth, for You created us to be women of honor, who are positioned in purpose. If we have fallen short, lead us back to our place of honor. We thank you for your unconditional love towards us. In Jesus Name. Amen.


God Said He’s My Husband But He Won’t Get His Life Right

I felt strongly in my spirit to write this blog based on a question that I was asked on Instagram . I went through the same situation that the person is now in. And I do believe many persons in the church are still being affected by this. The Lady wanted to know, if someone prophesied that a particular individual was her husband. Yet, his actions are contrary to the word of God. If she should continue in the relationship and have faith that one day he will become a better person.

No, his actions are incompatible with the word of God – there’s no reason to stay in the relationship. Clearly you’ve seen all the signs. Please, don’t ignore them any longer. Even if someone prophesied that he is the one for you. Was it the Lord who revealed it to the individual? In 1 Corinthians 14: 33 ” For God is not the author of confusion but of peace”. Therefore God will never place YOU into a relationship that will cause you to doubt him or feel conflicted. You should feel a overwhelming peace. For whatever God is in there’s PERFECT PEACE!

The only CHANGE you need, is the one that let you see your SELF WORTH. You deserve better than what you’ve been settling for. And people only CHANGE when they want to. Not when you need them to. Please, do not hold on to false hope. Clearly, some persons are master manipulators who control the folks in their life.

Not everyone will Change, some people are comfortable in their dysfunction. And want everyone else to accept their toxicity. Hell no!! I say Burn that bridge! I don’t care who you are and what you’ve done, if you’re toxic I’m burning that bridge.

I remember when I was told that a certain man was my husband. Still he was inconsistent and indecisive about where he was going. I questioned the prophecy, For his actions were very unpleasant and narcissistic . I asked myself “why would God give me a man like this”?. Who was disrespectful and consumed with pride. His entire operation did not line up with the word of God. Yes, he was a Christian, But, was he really?

He hid behind a mask, and operated in the spirit of deception. But, I remained nonetheless, for I was compelled to stay because of the prophecy that I had received. I saw the signs but still turned a blinded eye. I was obsessed with the idea of marriage so I thought if I continued he would put a ring on it. Spoiler alert! He was never going to marry me, he just wanted me around for his personal gain.

In hindsight, I’ve learned a lot from the experience and certainly, had no regrets. I was in such a MESSED UP and EMPTY place . So I held on to the controversial prophecy because something was missing from my life and I thought I needed that person in my life to feel complete.

It wasn’t until I went through that season in my life, I recognized that I needed a personal relationship with God. An experience like the Samaritan woman. Once you experience God directly, you become a different person.

I also discovered that, if we have a personal relationship with God- He will reveal His will for our lives. When someone comes to us with a prophecy it should be a confirmation to what the Holy Spirit has already revealed. It is important that we know God for ourselves. Spend time in His word, in prayer and personal devotion with Him. And He will divulge his will for our lives.

Prayer: Father, I pray for each person reading this that we will have the desire to seek you more. Help us to not be distracted by the world and what is happening around us. Give us a heart that is chasing after you. We need to know you more. Lord, reveal your will for our lives, so that we will not be deceived by the lies of the enemy. Amen.

What do you think about someone prophesying that someone is your future spouse? Do you believe God should tell you directly or it is okay if someone else to tell you?

Is Valentine’s Day Overrated?

Valentine’s day, is just around the corner . I know some folks who are dating / married and might be over the moon about this day of LOVE. But, for some SINGLES who are struggling in their singleness. It is a bit of a bummer. But, are you really missing out?

“ Do I celebrate Valentine’s day? I actually don’t! And it’s not because I’m single. I just don’t see the reason for it. There is a misconception about love , the world has tricked us into believing that love should be placed inside of a box. They’ve lied to us! The real purpose behind it is for the rich to get richer and to poor to stay poor. It’s all about the money. “Buy a gift for your significant other” that is just a scheme to get us to spend more money.

If you genuinely love someone, why can’t everyday be a day of love? I don’t see the reason why we should limit it to one day. Why not everyday? Isn’t love suppose to be consistent? I believe Valentine’s day is overrated. Love should never be confined to a certain holiday. True love is infinite like The one who founded it, Jehovah God. And there is no true love without Him.

Don’t be obsessed with the idea of LOVE . Because everyone around you are dating/ married, you may feel left out.. You want to be included. Have someone. Be with someone. Feel wanted . It is okay, if you only have YOU. There is no law against those who are single on that day. You can “breathe a sigh of relief”. They won’t lock YOU up in jail and throw away the key. It is really okay.

At the right time YOU will be aligned with your purpose partner. When you least expect it. Not, when you are desperate for LOVE. When you are ready for companionship. You’ve matured, positioned and gleaning in the field of PURPOSE!

It will not happen until you first love YOU. The man in the mirror. Have you found love with You? Do you invest in yourself? Are you so wanting to have someone in your life that you neglect what is important? You. The first priority. You will never have healthy relationships until you, work on you.

This Valentine’s day take the time to love yourself. Invest in YOU. Don’t waste time in meaningless relationships, on people who do not see your Value. If you’ve to constantly remind them of your WORTH, you deserve better. Next please!

Prayer: Lord, I pray for each person reading this. That they will find peace in their singleness. And not become obsessed with the idea of Love. And will embrace this season with hope that when the time is right, you align them with their person. While you are processing them, they will seek you more in spirit and truth. I pray that the spirit of revelation will rest on each person. Amen!

SN: What do you think about Valentine’s day? Feel free to voice your opinions.

Should Dating In Church Be Done In Secret?

As I sat to write this blog on dating/relationships within the Church, my heart is breaking and mending at the same time. It is breaking because we were raised to believe that dating in the Church was unrighteous and should be kept a secret even from the family lineage.

What? Where in the Bible can you find that? When you do please forward the scripture to me. Well, that sad mundane narrative has change for the better. This generation, refused to accept caged antiquated beliefs. We are navigating now, and in most cases pioneering next.

For love is one of the most powerful drive anyone will ever experience but if not reciprocated it can break your very soul.

Now, I can honestly say that my heart is mending because this generation is no longer blinded to tradition and culture that their relatives used to live by. Their minds are renewed , thank God!

Dating in the Church should not be done in secret-

Here’s why, accountability is necessary within a relationship. The whole Church, Community and world don’t need access to your personal life. But, it’s imperative that close friends and family members are aware of the relationship content.

What if you are dating someone who have multi- partners ? What would you do? I believe in my heart that when someone truly loves YOU they will OWN you and let the people closest and dearest to them know.

I understand during the early stage of dating it is necessary to keep it low key. While you both are building your solid foundation. You don’t want too much naysayers in your business.. That will stem a whole lot of trouble!

But, If that guy is hiding you from all his closest friends and family members Then he’s not into you and all he wants is your COOKIE and when he had enough, he is gone! Ladies raise your standards, lift your head high and don’t let anyone use you. You are a daughter of the king you are worth far more than that. If the relationship isn’t leading to marriage don’t settle! If you don’t see any preparation for the future, sister he is just stringing you along, until he had enough of your COOKIE.

Prayer: Lord, Thank you for each person reading this. I pray that you give each person the spirit of discernment, so that they will be able to identify the wolf’s in sheep’s clothing that are sent to distract them from purpose .Amen.

Singleness Isn’t Torture

I’ve been asked a lot of questions pertaining to dating/relationships. Like, are you dating? When will you start dating? When will you get married? I’ve always been tight lipped about my personal life. I believe now, is the time to be transparent about WHY I chose to remain SINGLE at this point in my life.

Though relationships are important. My life is not centered around people and intimate relationships. Christ is the center of my life, now and forever. He should be the center of your life as well.

I chose to be single because I refuse to settle for someone who isn’t ready to commit to a relationship, that will bring glory to God. Lives should be impacted and Christ must be seen in the way we treat each other. I chose celibacy, I will never be in a relationship that is one sided, one person pours their heart out and the feelings aren’t reciprocated. Yes, I’m single but all for the right reasons.

Singleness isn’t torture, it is such a blessing! I’ve found myself in this season of my Life. I’ve aligned to PURPOSE and becoming more of who God created me to be! Such a fulfilling feeling.

Singleness does not mean you’re unhappy or even lonely. It means you are preparing for God’s best. Invest in yourself and spend time growing more into your PURPOSE. You have to own your singleness, enjoy your own company, get you some “me time”. Find your weaknesses and improve them. Learn your strength and build upon the foundation that you’ve discovered. I’m trusting God to send my best friend, purpose partner and the man who will protect my heart , love me as Christ loves the Church and lead by example. The man who will honor God above everything and everyone else. God, I don’t mind waiting for your best!

Prayer : Lord, touch each person reading this. At times it may be difficult for us to embrace the season that we are in. Give us more patience that we will not lose faith of what is to come. Amen!

Be You!

Outward beauty, is the first thing that attracts us to someone especially the opposite sex. Still, it takes more than what’s outside to keep us interested. Because, looks deceive us ever so often. Many put on a facade of what they want the world to see, in reality they’re “China Made ” version of what doesn’t exists. In order for us to build and grow a healthy foundation we must first take off the mask that we’re wearing and let our TRUE selves be seen.

If you are not allowed you to be yourself, let it go! Whatever the relational content may be. Do not shrink who you are to keep anyone in your LIFE! Never let the pressure of needing a relationship FORCE you into settling for less than what God has for you.

Singleness isn’t torture it’s better than settling for someone who is constantly trying to change who you are. When someone genuinely loves you they understand that you’re mere human and prone to making mistakes or falling short of what is expected of you. If you are experiencing more judgements more than you do corrections that isn’t a healthy relationship. Be with someone who is willing to grow with you! Look through you and see the fruits in you!

Know your “why” and what it is that you’re expecting from the relationship. See if it lines up with your long term goals that you’ve set. Ensure you both are on the same wave length and are going in the same direction. No, confusion and misdirection!!! Growth and acceleration!! That is a WIN!

Prayer: Lord, we are grateful that you have given us this opportunity to love and be loved. Though, oftentimes the love we give are not reciprocated. Give us wisdom to identify difference, may we not be ignorant of the Red Flags you show us ever so often. Grant us your peace, so that we will be decisive with what has to be done at the appropriate time . We thank you and for your faithfulness, in Jesus name, Amen.